Advanced Dental Technology

The philosophy behind most technological advancements is to make life easier, and the same is true with the advanced technology that we utilize for improved diagnostics and dental treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography involves the use of digital X-ray sensors rather than photographic film. By bypassing the chemical processing necessary for traditional, photographic X-rays, digital radiography is significantly more time-efficient, and produces up to 90% less radiation.

PAN-CEPH Digital X-Rays

Cephalometric X-rays, which are taken using a digital panoramic X-ray machine, are extra-oral, meaning there is no need for plates or film to be placed inside of the mouth. Pan-Ceph X-rays produce crystal-clear images of the side profile of the face, including the jawbone and cheekbones. Their extensive coverage makes Pan-Ceph X-rays invaluable when identifying malocclusion (bite misalignment) and planning orthodontic treatment.

Intraoral Camera

As the name suggests, an intraoral camera is a small, digital camera attached to a manipulatable wand that produces instant images of the inside of your oral cavity. Using the intraoral camera, Dr. Nadella or Dr. Walder can view accurate pictures and video of areas that could not be seen without the camera’s assistance.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Dental and periodontal cleanings involve thoroughly removing plaque and tartar from your teeth and underneath your gums (respectively). An ultrasonic scaler uses sound-wave technology to break up the bacterial films without having to scrape them from the surfaces of your teeth. This is especially useful for periodontal cleanings that involve bacteria removal from the roots of your teeth, which are covered by your gum tissues.


We currently have TVs in every room, allowing patients to watch Netflix or select a movie from a wide selection available in the office.

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