You Want Your Smile To Be White And Bright – We Can Help!

Bright, white teeth can look healthy and attractive. If your smile is free of frustrating stains, you can enter professional and social situations with more confidence. So what should you do if you have problems with visible teeth stains? You may have ready access to whitening agents that are available in a grocery store or pharmacy, but you can be disappointed by the results they offer. Your Dallas, TX dentist can talk to you about the advantages that come with a professional whitening treatment. You have the option of whitening your teeth at the office, or taking home a customized kit.  (more…)

Keeping Your Smile Healthy Throughout The New Year!

When the new year arrives, many of us greet it with a plan for how we can improve our lives. If you have had trouble with cavities in the past, or if you want to continue keeping your teeth in top shape, you may want to consider working on a few smile-friendly resolutions. You can protect your smile by setting up routine dental exams with your Dallas, TX dentist’s office for 2019. Every checkup offers important support through a careful review, and cleaning, of your teeth. In between these visits, you can adjust your diet, and your oral care regimen, to make your efforts to prevent cavities and gum disease more successful. (more…)

Invisalign Aligners Offer You A Discreet Approach To Care

You can grow excited when you imagine life after you complete orthodontic treatment. Once you conclude the appropriate work, you can show off an improved smile, and you can enjoy the benefits that come with orthodontic correction. As exciting as these results might be, you can be hesitant to start treatment because you are put off by the idea of metal braces. The conspicuous appearance of this appliance can be particularly distressing when you work in a professional setting, where you might feel undermined by this change to your smile. Fortunately, your Dallas, TX dentist can provide you with orthodontic treatment using Invisalign clear aligners. With Invisalign, you can look forward to orthodontic corrections without the use of an attention-grabbing appliance. In addition to being clear, Invisalign aligners can be removed, making them more convenient. (more…)

Hard Stuff: A Good Way To Remember Things You Should Avoid

When you’re caring for your smile, you may think that giving it as much energy and pressure as you can is probably the best way to go. You may also think that working your mouth (like working your body out) is a good idea because you’re building strength. Unfortunately, when it comes to most “hard” stuff, you’re going to realize soon that this may not work the way you expect for your smile health. Let’s run through some “hard” things that you should actually avoid and you’ll start to see what our East Dallas, TX team means (and you’ll have an easier time keeping teeth and gums healthy).


Your Checkups With Us: What Makes Them Comprehensive?

You probably already have an understanding that choosing to schedule your dental checkups promotes all good things! After all, when you see us, we are here to help you with all details related to your oral health. However, if you’re not entirely clear on just how comprehensive our preventive exams are, then you may not realize their significance! As you might have imagined, our East Dallas, TX team is more than pleased to offer you some clarification regarding just what makes care with us so all-encompassing as we strive to offer your smile complete protection and care.


Summer’s Over: Schedule Wisdom Teeth Care For Winter!

As you know, particularly if you are in school or you have children in school, summer can be a wonderful time to schedule oral health care and things like oral surgery. You’ve got more time, the weather is nice and makes it easy to come to the office, and the days are long! Classes are also out, which often means less trauma when it comes to trying to schedule out your days. While you may have intended to see our team for your wisdom teeth removal during this warmer season, you may have let other details get in the way. Not sure where to go now? Well, our East Dallas, TX team can certainly steer you in the right direction!


Dental Crowns: Q&A About Materials And What You Should Know

When our East Dallas, TX team informs someone like you, one of our lovely patients, that a dental crown is in order, we receive many different responses. One very common reaction? A shocked look and a burst of immediate questions. Of course, we understand if you aren’t sure what to expect, if you have lots of inquiries (how else will you learn about this restoration?), and if you really want some additional education before you feel comfortable. Whatever it is that you’re unsure about, please let us know! For now, we would love to help you better comprehend the material-based side of things, since this is one area that causes frequent uncertainty for patients from the get-go.