Can Invisalign Provide Real Orthodontic Results?

There are a few obvious differences between Invisalign aligners and other orthodontic appliances. One of the most attractive differences to people is in the way Invisalign aligners are designed to be hard to notice, which allows you to minimize any effect on your appearance as your alignment issues are addressed. They also provide a difference in convenience, because they can be removed by you at times when they might be in your way. Of course, they have one important aspect in common – for many people, both options can lead to real orthodontic improvements. Your Dallas, TX dentist’s office can help you understand Invisalign, and what you can expect from your adjustment. (more…)

Can You Rely On A Dental Prosthetic For Functional Support?

Is your dental prosthetic in place just for the sake of your smile, or can you count on it to provide functional support as well? The ability to improve your biting and chewing functions will help you reduce wear and tear on your remaining teeth, and limit the stress you currently put on your jaw. Fortunately, a modern approach to prosthetic work can lead to both cosmetic and restorative benefits! Your Dallas, TX dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss prosthetic work with dental implant support. This approach provides more stability for your restoration, and important protection for your jaw. (more…)

Custom Veneers Can Address Your Specific Smile Concerns

How effective will a cosmetic dental treatment be at meeting your particular needs? Our smiles can vary greatly, and different individuals can vary in their concerns over their teeth. Because porcelain veneers are custom-made for patients, they can be constructed to take care of your particular smile flaws. Your Dallas, TX dentist’s office will take the time to carefully examine your smile, and to talk to you about what you want to see from the results of your cosmetic treatment. Veneers offer more than just the ability to make precise improvements to the way you look. These thin cosmetic restorations are remarkably strong, so they can provide changes that you can enjoy showing off for many years! (more…)

Make An Effort To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Habits

You can definitely count on quality smile care when you visit your Dallas, TX dentist’s office for routine preventive dental health support. Patients can count on thorough evaluations, as well as detailed cleanings of their teeth, when they come in for each regular dental exam. What you need to remember is that your oral care habits between these appointments will still matter to your overall oral health. Are you currently doing enough to make certain that your dentist will have no bad news to give during your next appointment? Identifying and correcting bad daily habits can help you avoid issues that can require professional treatment. (more…)

Resist The Urge To Put Off Your Root Canal Treatment

If something sounds less than pleasant, you can have an understandable urge to delay it, or avoid it altogether. What you should know is that when it comes to dental care, avoiding a problem can lead to new issues for your smile, which can create the need for even more involved treatment. You should also be aware that a modern restorative dental treatment experience can be more pleasant than you expect. If you need to schedule care for an advanced cavity, your Dallas, TX dentist’s office can make sure your tooth is fully treated by performing a root canal treatment before securing your tooth with a dependable, lifelike restoration. (more…)

What Kind Of Impact Can Restorative Work Have On Your Smile?

When you plan restorative dental work, your Dallas, TX dentist is focused on making sure your smile is healthy once again. Scheduling a procedure to address tooth decay, or a dental injury, can protect your oral health against potentially serious issues. What you can be happy to know is that your work can also have a positive impact on your smile. After addressing decay or damage, your dentist can provide a natural-looking restoration that can appear natural. This means you can show off a smile free from unsightly problems – in fact, a lifelike dental crown can offer a potential improvement to how you look! (more…)

Finding A Truly Effective Answer For Your Teeth Stains

How difficult will it be for you to address the stains that have gathered on your teeth? With a store bought whitening product, you can take care of stains on the surface of your enamel, but leave other stains behind. You can find that a professional whitening procedure is more effective at making changes to the way you look, as those harder to reach stains can be dealt with. Your Dallas, TX dentist can talk to you about arranging a teeth whitening treatment, or discuss a different cosmetic dental procedure that can help you. (more…)