A Dental Bridge: 3 Exciting Reasons To Consider One For Your Smile!

While you might not feel overjoyed at having to address missing teeth, you will certainly begin to feel excited as you learn that there are fantastic options for your smile! Yes, tooth loss is certainly something you don’t want to experience again but discovering you can regain your once-complete grin makes the process of dealing what’s happening with your oral health right now a much nicer moment! As you think about how to approach your replacement, our East Dallas, TX practice advises you to take a moment to consider dental bridges!


Getting Married: A Quick, Comprehensive Smile Guide!

Are you getting married soon? Whether the date you’ve set is a few months away, a year away, or any other amount of time, there’s one thing that will always be true: This wondrous and exciting moment in your life should bring with it some serious smiles! Of course, it would be so much nice if those grins were healthy, bright, and beautiful (especially as you prep for tons of photos during your celebration). Our East Dallas, TX team would love to help you get started as you begin your married life with a quick yet comprehensive guide that will ensure your smile care is headed in the right direction.


3 Reasons Traveling Without Dental Prep Is A Bad Idea

There’s something very cool about hopping in the car and heading in whatever direction the wind blows. Well, there’s something very alluring about it in movies and books. However, in real life, there are real things to contend with! You need to make sure you get enough gas. You probably need to pack a change of clothes at the very least. Oh, and there’s your oral health to remember, too! While it might not sound quite as romantic, we strongly suggest you take the time to prep just a little bit before you let your spontaneous side get the best of you this summer as you head out of Dallas, TX for your adventure!


Teeth Whitening: Things To Keep Away From Your Smile

If your main goal at the moment is finding a way to get your smile from looking drab to looking absolutely fabulous as you eliminate stains, then you’re probably on the search for an exceptional teeth whitening option! As a result, since you’d really like to get the show on the road, you may be tempted to try out different “easy” solutions that you come across on a daily basis. Maybe you hear about or see DIY (do it yourself) ideas and figure it’s worth a shot. The truth is, in the short-term and long run, it’s actually best to see us for all of your cosmetic treatment needs. Why? Well, consider some common products you’ll hear are good for brightening (that are actually bad news).


When Is The Right Time To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Your third molars, or widom teeth, take longer to arrive than your other teeth. A person’s may not arrive until their teens, or even their twenties. When they finally show up, they can quickly wear out their welcome. Wisdom teeth removal is a commonly performed tooth extraction. The reason for this is that wisdom teeth can create problems upon their eruption. They can displace or crowd your other teeth, which can cause orthodontic problems, as well as discomfort. Matters can be even worse if you have impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth that fail to erupt properly. Your Dallas, TX dentist can provide you with great care during a wisdom teeth removal. By having this procedure performed, you can ensure that the eruption of your third molars does not create discomfort, or oral health problems. (more…)

Change Your Smile In Time For That Big Event

If you want to see real changes to your smile, you should probably expect the necessary cosmetic dental work to take up a considerable amount of time…right? Is it possible to have beneficial cosmetic changes made in time for an important upcoming event? Your Dallas, TX dental practice can actually make impressive improvements in less time than you expect. You can make sure your smile is whiter and brighter, or free of other distracting problems, before that important job interview, reunion, or social event. While these procedures can take less time than you expect, the results you enjoy can be long-lasting. (more…)

A Missing Tooth: Is This Really A Huge Concern?

It’s easy to convince yourself that widespread tooth loss or the loss of multiple teeth is something to let yourself feel worried about. Just one little ol’ tooth, however, well … you may figure that you will never miss it (or you will miss it but it’s certainly nothing to assume is devastating to your oral health). The truth is: It can have such a surprisingly large effect on your smile health that you will wish you’d acted instantly to rectify the problem. Find out why!