Invisalign Treatment: Your Main Responsibilities

When it comes to choosing Invisalign treatment, you want to know that it will work. Then, once you discover it bring with it some serious benefits for your smile, you want to know: What’s it going to take to get through treatment? Will it require some serious responsibilities? Or, will you find that the experience is really not going to be much work at all? In short: It’s pretty simple! Now, for those details you’re itching to receive!


Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Started To Affect Your Smile?

What kind of daily habits can affect your smile? Tobacco products can certainly have a negative effect on the quality of your appearance, and a combination of poor dental habits and dark, color-rich foods and drinks can lead to worrying discoloration. What you might not realize is that a nighttime teeth grinding habit can lead to unexpected cosmetic dental issues. People who deal with bruxism may not realize it, but they can clench their teeth frequently while they sleep. That can cause considerable damage, which may affect your appearance. It can also lead to serious damage that requires restorative dental work. Seeking treatment for bruxism can help you protect your smile before it is seriously, and adversely, affected. (more…)

3 Ways Your Stress Damages Your Teeth

Are you worried that your emotional stress may be taking a toll on your teeth as it translates into physical stress? The truth is, this is absolutely a possibility and just one more reason (on a very long list of reasons) why it’s good to find a way to handle and manage any type of anxiety you experience during the day. Let’s talk about a few things you may be unintentionally doing to your smile health when you don’t find a way to curb excess stress.


Comprehensive Smile Protection: In 3 Steps

You know that you have the power to keep your smile safe. However, you also know that there’s not just one part of comprehensive smile protection. Instead, there are multiple things you should be doing on a consistent basis, so your oral health remains in lovely shape. So, what are they? Is there an easy way to categorize them, you wonder, so you don’t feel like you’re just frantically doing your best? Our answer to all of your questions is laid out for you within three easy steps.


Bad Breath: Why It’s More Than Just An Annoyance

Bad breath is very annoying. We cannot argue with this fact! It can make you feel self-conscious, it may become off-putting to others, and it’s just not a fun thing to deal with. This is especially true when you figure you can quickly take care of it but no matter which logical approach you take, nothing seems to be helping. Since there’s the small chance you’ll throw your hands up in defeat and get serious about keeping chewing gum and mouthwash around to mask it, we’d like to explain why coming in to allow us to help is actually very important!


When Veneers Work Instead

Sometimes, you may find that when you’re talking with us about your options for making your smile into a better looking feature, you bring up a treatment and we suggest porcelain veneers instead. Why might this be the case, you wonder, and when? Sometimes, though you assume a particular service is going to be the best, we may determine that either it won’t suffice or that it’s more than your smile actually requires. Ready for some examples? We’ve got them, of course!