Category: General Dentistry

Got a Cavity? A Filling Can Help!

Have you spent weeks or even months suffering from discomfort when trying to enjoy your meals, all because of sensitivity or pain brought about by an undiagnosed dental problem? Many people will struggle with dental cavities. In fact, some studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of the adults in this country will be diagnosed with… Read more »

Do Your Gums Need Periodontal Treatment?

Have you been disturbed to notice blood in the sink or even on your toothbrush, lately? If so, was your first thought that maybe you are brushing too hard or flossing too often? Many people are tempted to ignore bleeding gums, or simply to avoid any activities that seem to cause them. Unfortunately, in many… Read more »

Brighten Up for Summer with Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer vacation is just around the corner now. Is your calendar already filling up with a mix of priceless adventures and once-in-a-lifetime events? Whether you’ll be headed overseas or to your best friend’s wedding, make sure your smile is ready for all the impending photo ops with beautiful pearly whites, achieved through cosmetic dentistry. From… Read more »

Ready for an Updated Dental Restoration?

Do you want to smile confidently knowing that people are looking at your beautiful smile, not your noticeable metal restoration? Do you want to enjoy meals without pesky sensitivity caused by a metal filling or a metal dental crown? If so, have you talked to your dentist about how a modern restoration could help? From… Read more »

Does My Tongue Need Dental Care Too?

Do you take great care of your teeth and gums, but still find yourself struggling with bad breath? Did you know it could be due to bacteria on the surface of your tongue? While the teeth might be the most visible signifier of whether your smile is healthy or not, that doesn’t mean your tongue… Read more »

Do Your Loved Ones Need to See the Dentist?

Do you find yourself caring for both your children and your parents? If so, your life may already seem dizzyingly full of school activities and medical care, study breaks and senior activities. Even so, it is important to make sure that both your kids and your parents are caring for their smiles. Proper preventive care,… Read more »

Are You Suffering from Bruxism?

Has it been months since you last remember waking up feeling rested? At work, do you suffer from frequent headaches, problems concentrating, and even irritability? Did you know that these symptoms could all be related to a dental problem, called bruxism? Bruxism is a term that refers to subconscious teeth grinding, which many patients do… Read more »

What Can You Do to Prevent Dental Problems?

Did you vow to take better care of your smile this year? Do you sometimes feel stumped as to what actually constitutes great dental care? If you want to avoid dental cavities and other oral health problems, it is imperative to take excellent care of both your teeth and gums. But how? Preventive care should… Read more »