Category: Preventive Dentistry

Sensitivity: 3 Things That Might Be Going On

When your main concern with your smile is dental sensitivity, you know something isn’t quite right. However, trying to figure out what’s wrong can be a bit of a challenge, especially if this is a new and continuing sensation for you. As you have likely already determined, our primary suggest is that you take time… Read more »

Bruxism: A,B,C, And D!

Sorting out what to make of bruxism disorder and why it’s happening can most certainly be confusing at first. The more you learn, however, the easier it becomes to understand why the problem is likely affecting you, what bruxism really is, and why it’s pretty important to see us for bruxism treatment. Why not try… Read more »

Mealtime: Things To Remember To Protect Your Smile

While you probably don’t immediately think of mealtime when considering possible problems for your oral health, we like you to remember that these times of day can bring hazards with them. Fortunately, when you’re practicing common sense, there aren’t any massive issues to contend with. It’s really the little things (which we are happy to… Read more »

Bruxism Quiz: Do You Need Treatment?

Do you know if you’re someone who needs bruxism treatment or if you are dealing with some other issue? Is this a new idea to you because before someone pointed out some of your symptoms, you never had any idea that you might require care? To get started regarding candidacy for treatment, we encourage you… Read more »

Brushing Quiz: Doing It Correctly Is Key!

If we were to ask you to show another one of our patients exactly how to follow best practices in dental hygiene, would you be able to guide this person through a brushing session correctly? Do you think your technique, your methods, your approach, etc., are all shining examples of how to care for your… Read more »

3 Things You Cannot See To Judge

There are some things that you can see with your own eyes that let you know your oral health needs care. For instance, you can see a cracked tooth, a bump on your lip, or bleeding gums. However, did you know there are some things you cannot see? Learn more about this very important aspect… Read more »

Wine Time Quiz: The Details

It’s time to talk all about wine and your smile health! If you think you already know all there is to know about choosing red or white, how drinking wine can affect your teeth, and more, think again: You might not know all there is to know! To test your knowledge and level of mastery… Read more »