Category: Preventive Dentistry

3 Tips To Purchase The Right Toothbrush

When it comes to taking care of your smile, there are many details that you will come across. You know that you should brush two times a day, that you should see us twice a year, and that flossing is essential. However, you might find that the seemingly simplest detail – choosing your toothbrush –… Read more »

Best Brushing Habits 2016

Are you familiar with the best ways to protect your smile throughout the year with proper brushing? Or, do you recognize that – though you do brush your teeth on a daily basis – you might not be doing the exceptional job necessary for truly healthy, clean teeth? If this is something you have considered… Read more »

Checkups And Cleanings: In A Pinch

Have you spent an astronomical amount on Christmas gifts this year but you just realized you’re due for a dental exam? Has something come up with your smile and you’re worried that it simply can’t wait? Perhaps you have recognized that your dental insurance benefits will have expired by the time you can come in… Read more »

Checkups: Not Just For Cavities

When you visit us for a dental checkup, one of our main goals is to seek out issues like cavity development or gum disease. However, your preventive care visits are much more comprehensive than a check for problems with oral hygiene. A common dental disorder we look for is bruxism, which occurs when patients chronically… Read more »

Q&A: Your Checkups And Cleanings

Do you typically schedule your dental cleanings and checkups like clockwork? Or, are you the type of patient who suddenly remembers it has been a couple of years since your last preventive appointment? In either case, we often find that patients tend to come to us with a variety of common questions about their preventive care. To… Read more »