Cheerful black mature man wearing spectacles looking at camera. African businessman with hand on chin smiling while sitting at home. Happy man with eyeglasses enjoying new project.A Way to Have a Complete Smile

A denture is a prosthetic dentistry option that addresses severe tooth loss in patients. It is often recommended for people who have complete tooth loss in one or both dental ridges. With dentures, patients receive the benefit of having a full and complete smile, while also helping with speech, facial appearance, and bite functioning.

What are the Types of Dentures?

There are two primary types of dentures: full and partial. How many teeth are missing and a patient’s jawbone structure help determine which kind is recommended. Full dentures are often used for patients who have lost all their teeth on either the upper or lower (or both) dental ridges. If a patient still has healthy teeth remaining, then a partial denture may be recommended, to fit around the natural teeth that are there. Implant-retained dentures are a third option. They use dental implants to help stabilize them. All our dentures are gum-colored and natural looking. Full and partial dentures are designed to rest comfortably on the ridges of your mouth.

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