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Crooked teeth is a condition also known as bite misalignment or malocclusion. Orthodontics is the process of correcting crooked teeth, which can occur in different degrees and several forms. For children, orthodontic correction is essential for the proper development and growth of primary and permanent teeth. For adults, crooked teeth may cause other dental issues that could harm one’s overall oral health. For patients, young and old, we offer two orthodontic options to help correct crooked teeth.

Traditional Orthodontic Braces

If not addressed early, crooked teeth may lead to misalignment in a child’s primary and permanent teeth. With adults, crooked teeth may lead to an increased risk of worn-down teeth, chips, and gum disease. With traditional orthodontic braces, we can help move crooked teeth into place, which will allow for healthier and more attractive smiles and help reduce the risk of serious dental health issues in the future. Orthodontic braces are brackets that are bonded to teeth and connected by arch wires, which gently helps move the teeth into place. We can also help preserve a child’s tooth alignment if a primary tooth is lost prematurely. Since the underlying permanent tooth and oral structures are still developing, replacing the baby tooth may not be viable. However, using a custom-designed space maintainer, a child’s remaining baby teeth will not crowd the empty space and impede the growth of the adult tooth.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign® clear aligners are made from biocompatible plastic and are virtually invisible when worn over the teeth. Unlike traditional wire-and-bracket braces, Invisalign® consists of a series of aligners designed to guide crooked teeth into their desired positions. The aligners are not only highly discreet, but can also be removed temporarily to make brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking more comfortable and convenient. The near invisibility of the aligners is one of the more popular benefits of Invisalign®. Patients can straighten their teeth without worrying about the potential embarrassment of wearing conspicuous metal braces. Also, Invisalign® treatment is progressed by switching each aligner for the next in the series and can be accomplished with fewer visits to the dentist for the duration of treatment.

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