Dental Bridges and Dentures

Replacing lost and extracted teeth is a vital part of modern restorative dentistry. Often, it may be the only recourse for tooth loss patients to regain their confidence, as well as the full function of their bite. Dental bridges and dentures are common dental prosthetics that address various degrees of tooth loss, from a single missing tooth to complete tooth loss. Made from durable, lifelike materials, like dental porcelain, your bridge or denture will be crafted to closely mimic the look and feel of your healthy natural teeth.

A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is called such because it spans the gap in your smile caused by the loss of one or more adjacent teeth. The bridge consists of one, two, or three replacement teeth (pontics) that are connected to dental crowns on either end. The crowns are secured to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, known as abutment teeth, and the realistic pontics rest snugly and comfortably in the space between them.

Dental bridges are most effective for patients who’ve lost one tooth, or up to three adjacent teeth, and whose remaining teeth are still strong and healthy enough to support the prosthesis.

Partial and Full Dentures

A denture is able to address more severe tooth loss than a dental bridge, including complete tooth loss one or both of your dental ridges. Full dentures span the entire ridge to replace a complete row of teeth, while a partial can be made to replace several lost teeth while fitting around the ones that remain.

Full dentures are custom-fitted to adhere to the shape of your dental ridge, and on occasion, may rely on special adhesive for improved stability. A partial denture may also span your dental ridge, but the replacement pontics will be strategically placed to fit between and blend in seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth.

Learn More About Custom Bridges & Dentures

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