Simple/Surgical Tooth Extraction

Restorative dentistry offers the means to repair and restore almost any tooth that suffers damage or becomes seriously infected. Sometimes, though, a tooth may not have enough solid, healthy structure left to restore, and it may need to be extracted for the good of the rest of your oral health. Tooth extraction is often a simple procedure, meaning the tooth can be loosened and removed quickly and non-invasively.

In other cases, surgical extraction may be necessary, meaning Dr. Nadella will have to perform minor oral surgery to successfully remove the tooth without damaging the tissues and bone structure nearby.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is performed by grasping the tooth with forceps and gently rocking the tooth to loosen the root. Once the root is loosened, the tooth is carefully removed from its socket within your jawbone.

Teeth that pose more complex issues, such as impacted wisdom teeth or those that are broken into more than one piece, might have to be extracted surgically. Dr. Nadella will make a small incision in the gums to reveal the entire tooth, and if necessary, resection the tooth into more than one piece to remove it safely.

Before your procedure, Dr. Nadella will administer local anesthesia to reduce potential discomfort, and if you prefer, you may opt for dental sedation, as well.

Common reasons why simple tooth extraction may be necessary can include;

  • A tooth is too severely damaged
  • A tooth is too infected to save with root canal treatment
  • The tooth needs to be removed to prepare for orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth doesn’t have enough support due to periodontal disease (which destroys supportive gum tissue and jawbone structure)
  • An impacted wisdom tooth (meaning it is obstructed by existing teeth and cannot fully erupt from the gum line)
  • A tooth whose root is broken or cracked
  • And more

Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Extraction

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