Minor Cosmetic Changes Can Dramatically Improve Your Smile

If you are currently feeling embarrassed about the way your smile looks, it can be hard to believe that cosmetic dental work can help you. What many people can discover is that one conservative cosmetic procedure may be enough to significantly improve the way they look. For individuals who have teeth that seem misshapen, discolored, or even damaged, our Dallas, TX dentist’s office can make improvements through bonding and contouring work. Bonding and contouring treatment carefully restores teeth by safely removing excess enamel, and by coating the front of the tooth with a composite material that bonds to its surface. The results of a procedure can be exciting, and it may be possible to produce the results you want from cosmetic dental work in just one appointment! (more…)

Has It Been Too Long Since Your Last Dental Checkup?

While there are some circumstances that can call for a different approach, patients are typically advised to see their dentist for preventive care every six months. By keeping up with a semiannual schedule for checkups, you receive consistent support through dental cleanings and evaluations. By missing these appointments, you can be vulnerable to a buildup of tartar, or even to problems with tooth decay that can grow serious without treatment. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are here to help you if you are in need of a checkup. We are also prepared to provide the appropriate restorative dental work if any oral health issues have developed since your last appointment. (more…)

Should I Have My Prosthetic Secured With A Dental Implant?

What kind of support can you really expect from a prosthetic tooth? If you are looking into having your full smile restored, you can be eager to find a way to make your smile look whole again while also improving your bite function. With the support of a dental implant, you can enjoy these benefits as well as more support for your neighboring teeth and jawbone! A dental implant is set directly into your jawbone, making it possible to set your restoration in place without affecting neighboring teeth. Its placement can help you smile with confidence, maintain a natural bite, and avoid problems with jawbone erosion that can occur after tooth loss. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is ready to give you back your complete smile by placing and restoring a dental implant! (more…)

Using Invisalign Aligners To Effectively Close A Smile Gap

Poor dental alignment can create different difficulties for people when it comes to their smile. While this problem sometimes leads to concerns about teeth that overlap in other ways, it can also result in the presence of a conspicuous gap between two teeth. If you have a prominent gap, it can make you less than comfortable with your smile. Even if your teeth are in good health, you can feel bothered by the way your spacing interferes with your facial symmetry, and demands unwanted attention. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals deal with this problem. Invisalign aligners, like traditional braces, can prove effective at closing gaps between teeth. With that said, these appliances offer the additional benefit of being more discreet than bracket-and-wire braces. (more…)

Don’t Let Your Teeth Grinding Habit Damage Your Smile

How can a habit of grinding your teeth at night impact your smile and oral health? People who deal with bruxism can frequently clench or grind their teeth throughout the night, which can lead to problems with facial sensitivity and soreness, dental pain, and other forms of discomfort. As the problem continues to occur, the pressure on your teeth can start to cause wear and tear, with the potential to cause serious chips and cracks. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you address this issue so that you no longer have to worry about bruxism’s threat to your smile and oral health. We can provide you with a custom oral appliance that keeps your teeth apart while you sleep. (more…)

Unhappy With An Older Restoration? Talk To Your Dentist

When tooth decay or physical trauma cause problems for a tooth, a permanent restoration can be necessary to preserving your smile and dental health. If you received a dental crown or dental filling after past treatment, but feel that your restoration is no longer providing the right support, it may be time to discuss a replacement. Both are meant to be a permanent solution to an oral health problem, but – like with your teeth – problems can negatively affect them, and demand attention from a dental expert. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is prepared to take care of an older restoration, and make sure that you have a replacement that protects your oral health while also restoring your smile. (more…)

Sedation Can Help Individuals With Dental Anxiety

While people make the mistake of avoiding routine dental appointments for several reason, some individuals resist preventive care because of dental anxiety. This condition can make even routine appointments feel uncomfortable, but it can make the idea of scheduling important restorative services particularly difficult. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we understand that dental anxiety can make it difficult to schedule oral health services. If you experience this problem, you can benefit from sedation dentistry. With the appropriate sedative, we can help you stay relaxed throughout treatment, making it easier for you to come in and enjoy a positive smile care experience. (more…)