Dental Bonding Work Can Carefully Correct Smile Flaws

Will a relatively minor problem with the look of your smile make a long or involved dental procedure necessary? At our Dallas, TX dental office, you can find that our modern approach to cosmetic dentistry can lead to significant changes, even as we take care to minimize the amount of work done to your tooth structure. For patients who have smile flaws caused by minor damage, or a misshapen tooth, we can perform a dental bonding and contouring procedure to cover up these issues. Bonding and contouring work limit the change to your tooth structure, and will not require the placement of a permanent restoration. This can lead to results with a more conservative treatment approach, while also making it possible to finish your cosmetic procedure in as little as one appointment! (more…)

3 Times When Tooth Extraction Is a Good Idea

Timing is more important than many people realize when it comes to addressing most dental issues. For example, treating a tooth for damage or decay might be simple in its earliest stages, but the more it progresses, the more complex that treatment will have to be. In some cases, given enough time, a tooth can become so compromised that it’s beyond saving, and extracting it is the only way to successfully restore your smile. At our Dallas, TX, dental office, we’ll only recommend extracting a tooth when it’s absolutely necessary, and we can perform both simple and surgical extractions in-office to help make restoring your smile more convenient. (more…)

Fighting Teeth Stains With Your Take-Home Whitening Kit

If you want to feel better about your appearance, tackling unflattering teeth stains can certainly help you! People sometimes attempt to brighten their smile by testing the effectiveness of store bought products that promise to whiten teeth, only to see limited results. If you want to make a noticeable improvement to your smile, talk to our Dallas, TX dental practice about using a take-home whitening kit! This kit includes stronger whitening agents that are capable of addressing tough stains. You will also receive a custom-made tray that helps you apply these agents evenly, making the daily treatment process simpler. (more…)

We Are Ready To Replace Your Lost Teeth!

The more time you spend ignoring your tooth loss, the more time you spend putting up with problems that can affect your bite function, and your ability to speak. Leaving your smile incomplete can also lead to long-term consequences for your jaw health, as your jawbone can lose mass over time. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we are prepared to work with you on restoring an incomplete smile. We can make sure your missing teeth are replaced with durable, lifelike restorations. We can also help you enjoy better function by arranging the placement of a dental implant, or dental implants, to keep your prosthetic dental work stable. (more…)

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Dental Exam?

How can you be sure you are doing a good job keeping current with regular dental exams? When patients go an extended period of time without developing issues that make them worry about their oral health, they can feel that they do not need to worry about their next exam. This mindset can lead to problems, because you may not realize when a problem begins to create problems for a tooth. Taking too much time between dental visits can make you more likely to have a problem with advanced tooth decay! Unless you are told to work on a different schedule, you should plan on semiannual dental exams. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can make sure you receive dedicated smile support at each appointment, and avoid troubles with tooth decay! (more…)

We Can Use Custom Veneers To Transform Your Smile!

In some cases, an unattractive smile can be the result of poor oral care. However, there are cases where naturally occurring issues can make someone self-conscious because of teeth that are poorly spaced, shaped, or sized. This can be a frustrating issue, but it is one that can be addressed with less work than you might expect. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we offer patients the opportunity to enjoy a real smile transformation by providing them with custom veneers! The porcelain veneers you receive will allow you to make significant improvements to the way you look, while requiring relatively minor changes to your tooth structure. (more…)

What To Expect When Receiving A Custom Crown From Our Office

The idea of your tooth needing permanent support can be understandably intimidating. While a broken bone can call for a temporary cast, problems with our teeth require more lasting solutions, as our teeth are limited in how much damage they can recover from. At our Dallas, TX dental practice, we can expertly restore your tooth with a dental crown. Depending on which tooth needs to be restored, and how visible it is when you smile, we can select the ideal material for your crown. For teeth that are important for your smile, we do offer lifelike materials that can prevent you from feeling self-conscious about the way you look. (more…)