3 Things You Cannot See To Judge

There are some things that you can see with your own eyes that let you know your oral health needs care. For instance, you can see a cracked tooth, a bump on your lip, or bleeding gums. However, did you know there are some things you cannot see? Learn more about this very important aspect of understanding your smile, so you remember to schedule your dental checkups.


Your Toothache: What To Do At Home

Hopefully, if you have a toothache, you have already been in contact with us and have a scheduled visit quickly forthcoming. (If not, of course, we instruct you to do so as soon as possible, as discomfort is a sign that it may be time for professional intervention). However, as for what to do about that tooth in the meantime, when you’re at home and it’s causing you some serious grief? Well, we can most definitely guide you toward relief.


Mamelons: What To Know And How To Deal

When you don’t know why you have a bumpy appearance to the chewing border of your incisors (but your friend does not), it can be a little concerning. When you know what’s going on, you no longer find yourself wasting time worrying over what we refer to as mamelons. Instead, you feel educated, you know why they are there, and you know what you can do if you’re none-too-thrilled with how they affect the visual appeal of your smile. So, how to gain all of this valuable information? We are happy to share it, of course!


What Makes Invisalign So … Invisible?

You hear that Invisalign treatment trays are a solution for misaligned teeth that will straighten your smile and that will fly under the radar. They’re practically invisible! This is a very exciting benefit and often something that can make it very easy for a patient to feel comfortable moving forward with care. However, what exactly is it about this orthodontic treatment that makes it almost impossible for other people to see, you wonder? We are happy to walk you through this very advantageous aspect of choosing aligner trays for your grin.


Cosmetic Contouring: What’s It Do?

There are those teeth that just don’t look like they belong in your smile! Perhaps it’s all of your teeth and you wish they simply had a more esthetically pleasing shape. Maybe it’s just one of your teeth and it’s too long, very pointed, or its border is bumpy and visually displeasing. Did you know that you’re not stuck with the particular dimensions of your teeth (or shape) and that we can actually remove some tissue to make matters much better? Yep. It’s about time you learn more about cosmetic contouring.


Wisdom Teeth: Questions, Questions, Questions!

Your third molars: They comprise one of those topics that is extremely important for you to know about and that tends to cause many people a lot of confusion. When it comes to figuring out what you should do about your wisdom teeth, the good news is that it’s not very complicated. That is, once you have the information you need. If you were hoping we’d provide you with an introductory guide into how to prepare for the potential need for removal, then you are in luck. We’ve got all of the initial details you require for a successful experience.


What You Should Know If You Need A Root Canal

The first thing you should know if you need a root canal treatment – there is no need to panic. Well, there is no need to panic if you take action and schedule your procedure. A problem with your tooth that affects its inner chamber, or pulp, will make a root canal necessary. Once it is performed, you will be able to stop any problem this causes. However, if you leave the matter unaddressed, your tooth can eventually suffer irreversible damage, and be lost. This can also lead to more problems with your oral health. When you understand what a root canal does – and what happens if you do not receive the treatment you need – you can feel more at ease about setting your appointment. (more…)