Quiz: After Your Extraction

Are you scheduled to come in for a dental extraction? If so, do you feel good about taking care of your oral health but you noticed there are some questions that are causing you to feel anything but amazing about this procedure? If they focus on what’s going to happen once the extraction is complete, we can help you out with a brief quiz. Note: You have nothing to worry about!


FAQs: When You’re Not A Whitening Candidate

It’s entirely possible that you’ll come to our practice, let us know you need something to make your smile whiter, and that teeth whitening will work wonders for you. However, it’s also absolutely possible that you’ll come see us and we will quickly inform you that you’re not a candidate for whitening. What to do in the latter instance? The good new is, you’ve got more solutions than you might think. Check out our FAQs.


Invisalign Suggestions: Avoiding Damage

There are a lot of suggestions you can expect to receive when you undergo Invisalign treatment with us. Of course, you will generally start off with the recommendations regarding what you should do for effective, successful care (such as how long to wear them each day, and more). However, there’s another factor that you should keep in mind every single second: How to avoid damaging those trays of yours! When you do this, you keep them nice and safe, which means your treatment progresses smoothly, too (so take some advice to heart).


What You Eat Affects Your Smile

You may remember being warned as a child that eating too much candy or snacking too frequently can cause cavities. This is true, but fortunately, not all food is a danger to your smile. Like the rest of your body, your mouth requires an adequate amount of minerals and nutrients to remain strong and healthy. Today, we explain how what you eat affects your smile, including what’s beneficial and what you should keep away from your teeth. (more…)

How To Derail Smile Frustration (And Get Things Right)

It’s often very easy for patients to become frustrated with dental care and their oral health. Why so common? Well, you may have a strong desire for a particular goal but forget about the process required to get there. You might have some incorrect notions in your mind based on assumptions, which can cause you to think you can’t get the help you need. Fortunately, we can always clear up such issues to help you get things right and to ensure that smile of yours is beautiful and healthy. Consider some helpful tidbits.


OTC Questions And Answers

When you see an OTC (over the counter) item that promises to do amazing things for your smile, you may find yourself completely torn. On one hand, this sounds very convenient and the payoff sounds exciting! However, it also seems like the kind of thing that we will quickly suggest you avoid. The truth is: There are different types of OTC products out there, some of which are beneficial and some of which are not. To ensure you’re making wise choices, we typically encourage you to run such things by us first. As for some common products and questions, let’s give you some much needed information.


Q&A: Does Everyone Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You might have some ideas about wisdom teeth removal that don’t necessarily match up with the personal experience you have had thus far. Perhaps you don’t seem to be having any type of problem with your smile but you’re well into your 20s, 30s, or beyond (and you’ve never had an extraction). Maybe you assume you just don’t have third molars (or you know they have grown in and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll be able to keep them). So, what’s what, you wonder? We can help address your confusion with a few questions and answers.