Cheerful black mature man wearing spectacles looking at camera. African businessman with hand on chin smiling while sitting at home. Happy man with eyeglasses enjoying new project.A Secure Way to Restore Your Smile

Dental implants are designed to help restore a patient’s smile after losing one or more teeth. What makes them unique, though, is that they are inserted into the jawbone to take the place of a tooth’s roots. The roots are important because they help stimulate the jawbone while biting and chewing. This stimulation helps release needed nutrients throughout your body. Dental implants are biocompatible, titanium posts that the jawbone fuses to during the healing process. Once the fusing and healing are complete, they can support a prosthesis, such as a dental crown or denture, to help restore your smile and bite function.

What are the Benefits of Having Them?

There are several benefits of dental implants. These include

  • Improved stability for a prosthesis
  • Stimulating nutrient-rich blood to the jawbone when biting and chewing
  • Reducing the risk of facial collapse from prolonged tooth loss
  • Durability with proper care and maintenance

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