When you take a look at your smile in the mirror, what jumps out at you? Do you notice small yet frustrating esthetic issues that you wish you could address with a simple magic wand? Now answer this question: If you could take away just a tiny amount of dental tissue, would you be able to achieve the improvements you want? If so, it is high time you learn about the advantages of cosmetic contouring. This treatment offers a simple yet highly effective approach to smoothing out those little problems with your smile.

About Cosmetic Contouring

We suggest contouring for patients who require the removal of a minuscule portion of tooth tissue to achieve cosmetic improvements. Cosmetic contouring is accomplished with a very simple process. First, we will speak with you about the problems you’re experiencing with the appearance of your smile, so we can create a care plan that addresses your goals. Then, with the use of a handheld polishing instrument, we will gently smooth away excess tooth tissue to reveal a dramatically more beautiful tooth – or entire smile.

What We Can Achieve

Removing tiny bits of tooth tissue doesn’t sound like much until you understand what makes cosmetic contouring so beneficial. First, imagine that you have two very pointed teeth that you refer to as “vampire teeth.” With contouring, we can quickly and effectively soften those points, so your teeth look improved (and no longer cause discomfort). This can make a world of difference. Now, consider the following additional potential problems we can address with contouring:

  • We can reduce a tooth that is too long
  • We may even out an uneven smile line for improved symmetry
  • Contouring may improve the appearance of gently overlapping teeth
  • We can smooth out problems with texture
  • Contouring can reshape teeth