We cheer for the arrival of a child’s secondary (“adult”) teeth, but the eruption of a person’s wisdom teeth are often cause for concern instead of celebration. These teeth are the last to arrive, and their development can create problems for your smile and oral health. They may crowd neighboring teeth, which can lead to pain and changes in your smile alignment. If they become impacted, they can create more serious concerns for your oral health. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is prepared to successfully remove your wisdom teeth when they start to arrive. We are also ready to work with you if they arrive at a difficult angle, or if they create additional issues for your smile.

Why Is The Arrival Of My Wisdom Teeth Painful?

There may not be enough room for your wisdom teeth, so their arrival can lead to problems. They may press against their neighbors, an uncomfortable problem that can also lead to a shift in the way your teeth are aligned. If a lack of space affects their arrival, they can become impacted, meaning they do not erupt vertically but at an angle. This is a concern because it can create more problems for neighboring teeth, and because it can complicate their removal.

Scheduling A Safe And Comfortable Extraction

The process of extracting wisdom teeth can vary depending on the circumstances of their eruption. The process may require minor oral surgery if the teeth have become impacted. After an assessment, your dentist can determine how the matter should be approached. In some cases, an individual might prefer to arrange a preemptive extraction, which is done to prevent possible problems from taking place.

Have You Experienced Dental Issues Because Of Your Wisdom Teeth Eruption?

Unfortunately, some people do not respond to problems with their wisdom teeth eruption in time to avoid additional oral health troubles. If necessary, your dentist can do work to restore teeth that might have been harmed by their eruption. For issues with minor crowding, we may be able to move forward with cosmetic dental treatment to hide newly-developed overlaps between teeth. It is often possible to hide this spacing issue with porcelain veneers, which cover the fronts of teeth. In some cases, orthodontic work may be needed to fix crowding problems.

Your Dallas, TX Dentist Can Help You Deal With Your Wisdom Teeth

At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics in Dallas, TX, patients can receive help with problems caused by the eruption of their wisdom teeth. It is important to take the problem of their arrival seriously, as they can cause problems that seriously affect your oral health. If you have questions about this service, or if you think your wisdom teeth are already causing you problems, you can reach out to our Dallas, TX dentist’s office by calling (214) 827-8000.