When tartar accumulates on your teeth, you become more vulnerable to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. What is it about this substance that can make it more difficult to address than plaque buildup? Tartar actually forms because of the presence of plaque deposits. When those deposits are not cleaned off of your teeth in time, they can harden to tartar and remain in place. When this happens, concentrations of oral bacteria have continued access to your smile, which can make you more vulnerable to oral health problems until your next professional teeth cleaning. Your Dallas, TX dentist’s office can help with tartar buildup during routine checkups, but it is important to take prevention seriously if you want to maintain better oral health.

Tartar Buildup Can Be A Serious Oral Health Problem

Tartar deposits can remain in place even as you try to clean them via brushing and flossing. When the substance accumulates, it can make you more likely to experience problems with cavities and gum disease. You can also notice visible buildup that can make you self-conscious about your appearance.

Make The Most Of Your Brushing And Flossing Sessions

From day to day, you can fight the formation of tartar by practicing good brushing and flossing habits. Your routine should see you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Making the most of these sessions is about more than just brushing forcefully – in fact, brushing with too much force can cause friction to your enamel that can weaken teeth. When this affects your teeth, you can be more vulnerable to tooth decay and the accumulation of teeth stains. Instead of brushing aggressively, focus on cleaning your teeth as thoroughly as possible. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, floss at least once per day so that the spaces between your teeth are protected, too.

Are You Staying Hydrated?

Proper hydration is important to your overall well-being as well as your dental health. If you are not keeping hydrated, you can be prone to dry mouth, which means you are not producing as much saliva. Saliva actually has a role to play in maintaining your oral health. The substance can wash away harmful substances from your teeth, and it can help to neutralize oral bacteria. Water is also a smart substitute for flavored beverages, as it is free of sugar.

Your Dallas, TX Dentist Can Help Patients Of All Ages

At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, patients can look forward to important oral health services that help them maintain and protect their healthy teeth. We are also able to provide treatment if any problems currently affect your oral health. To find out more, or to make an appointment with us, please call Columbia Dental And Orthodontics at (214) 827-8000.