Feeling a bright and sunny disposition in the morning is easier for some people than others. However, if you are dealing with the symptoms of bruxism, the beginning of your day can be particularly unpleasant. People who experience bruxism can grind their teeth throughout each night while they are asleep. By doing so, they create harmful pressure on their jaw while also wearing down their teeth. As a result, you can wake up with dental pain or sensitivity, as well as facial discomfort. Over time, the friction from grinding can lead to noticeable damages to your smile that leave you embarrassed! Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you take on this issue by providing a special oral appliance to keep your teeth from grinding while you sleep.

Nightly Teeth Grinding Can Become A Big Problem For Your Smile

Over time, the friction of grinding and clenching your teeth can start to damage your enamel. The changes can be slight at first, but over time you may notice that your teeth appear flatter, or seem misshapen. You should be concerned about this, as it is a sign that bruxism is leading to unwelcome changes to your tooth structure. The friction can do enough damage to actually chip or crack your teeth, leading to serious consequences for your appearance and oral health.

Address A Problem With Bruxism Before Wear And Tear Affects Your Teeth

If you respond to morning tooth pains and sensitivity by discussing the matter with your dentist, you can receive treatment before there are permanent damages to worry about. By providing you with a custom oral appliance, we can keep your smile safe at night. The appliance gently keeps your upper and lower teeth apart, which means you can rest peacefully without the fear of grinding or clenching doing further harm.

Make Plans To Discuss Treatment If Your Smile Is Affected By Bruxism

If your smile is affected by bruxism already, our practice can help! If the wear and tear you have experienced is only superficial, we can talk about restoring teeth with cosmetic dental work. Porcelain veneers have shown effectiveness at improving the appearance of teeth that are worn down or damaged. If there is more serious harm to worry about, teeth may need to be protected with dental crowns.

Your Dallas, TX Dentist Can Help You Manage Problems With Bruxism

At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, individuals who worry about bruxism can count on important services to protect their teeth. With a custom appliance, we can make sure that your smile is safe against the harmful effects of grinding and clenching. For more information, please reach out to Columbia Dental And Orthodontics today at (214) 827-8000.