Have you recently received the news that you need a dental filling to repair the damage that tooth decay has caused your tooth? If so, you might find yourself experiencing some conflicting emotions. On one hand, you are pleased to learn there is an easy, effective way to completely fix your tooth, so it’s health again. On the other hand, you may feel the need to hesitate because you are unsure what a filling entails and what you may expect. We are happy to offer some introductory information, so you feel prepared and confident.

Why Do I Need A Filling?

You need a filling because you have a cavity in your tooth. This is what happens when tooth decay eats away at your enamel and sometimes the deeper tissue layer, resulting in a hole. This opening provides an easy way for bacteria to enter the interior parts of your tooth, which may result in infection. Your tooth may also become more likely to break. We suggest a filling to stop the decay and repair your tooth.

What Is A Filling?

A dental filling is a restorative dentistry treatment. After we numb your tooth with local anesthetic (as well as nearby tissue), we will carefully remove the decayed tissue and clean out the cavity. Then, we complete the treatment by filling the opening with composite, setting the material, and making final adjustments to the surface of the filling for bite balance.

What Type Of Filling Do You Offer?

We offer tooth-colored fillings. This means that instead of using amalgam (metal), we use composite (synthetic acrylic resin) that we will color match to your tooth’s natural shade.