Have you been at home, hiding under your covers because we recommended root canal treatment to restore your oral health? First, recognize that this treatment is extremely helpful – it will actually allow us to save your tooth from being removed. Next, root canals are thoroughly comfortable, so you can lie back and relax as we rescue your oral health. As for why you need a root canal and what you can expect, allow us to offer a bit of additional information.

Why We Suggest Root Canal Treatment

We will suggest a root canal for your tooth if the tooth’s dental pulp is infected or if it has become severely inflamed due to damage or trauma. The pulp is the tissue lining the lowermost chambers of your teeth – they are called your “roots.” Unfortunately, the pulp cannot regenerate, heal, or clear an infection without the assistance of dental care. This means that you will need a root canal treatment or your infection may affect surrounding teeth, the infection may abscess, and you will most likely lose your tooth.

About The Procedure

Completing root canal treatment is straightforward and nothing that you need to feel hesitant about. While it does require more time than a filling, it is just as comfortable (we will numb your tooth and the surrounding area). We will then clear away the dental pulp from within your tooth, ensure the interior of your tooth is free of debris or bacteria, and then re-seal your tooth. We will place a rubbery substance called gutta percha to seal your roots and fill the open area in your tooth, followed by the placement of a dental crown to protect remaining tissue.