Are you in the process of choosing a solution for your tooth loss? Have you been considering a variety of tooth replacement choices but the wonderful benefits of dental implants have caught your attention lately? The good news is that this is this only treatment that can support a full tooth replacement (from root to crown). To better understand implants and how they replace your teeth, we suggest you first become familiar with the essential parts.

The Implant Post

When you hear the term “dental implant” – this is what it actually refers to. The implant is the post composed of titanium that will replace the missing roots of your lost tooth. An implant is only one part of the replacement, not the full replacement. Once it has been surgically implanted into your jawbone, it will bond with the tissue through a process known as “osseointegration.”

The Abutment

When it’s time to “restore” your dental implant (or top it with a prosthetic tooth or teeth), we will begin by placing a permanent abutment. An abutment is the accessory part that we will use to attach your prosthetic to the implant post.

The Restoration

The term “restoration” simply refers to the artificial tooth or prosthetic device we will secure to your dental implant. For a single tooth replacement, we typically use a dental crown. For multiple teeth replaced at once, we may suggest a bridge or denture. The restoration makes up the visible portion of your missing tooth or teeth, thereby completing your full replacement.