When we mention that you need minor oral surgery, do you know what this means? Does your heart skip a beat because you assume any type of surgery must be something quite complicated? The good news is that – like the name suggests with the term “minor” – these simple treatments come into play when our preventive and restorative care cannot address your need. Allow us to provide you with a quick treatment rundown, so you can become a bit more familiar with some common procedures and how they can help.

What Is A Jawbone Graft?

Are you considering receiving dental implants? Have you learned that your jawbone is not strong enough or full enough? This is commonly an issue long after tooth loss or as the result of gum disease. Fortunately, we may be able to restore the lost volume of your jaw with the minor oral surgery known as bone grafting.

About Surgical Dental Extractions

This is simply the removal of your tooth by breaking it down into multiple pieces for effective extraction. You will find that we typically suggest this form of minor oral surgery when a simple tooth extraction is insufficient to remove your tooth. The following may require this form of surgery:

  • An impacted wisdom tooth – one that has not yet erupted through your gum tissue (or bone tissue)
  • A tooth that requires removal but is highly problematic, perhaps due to the presence of infection or a complex root system

Why Do I Need An Alveoplasty?

Have you recently lost a tooth? Do you plan on replacing it? If so, we may need to perform this form of minor oral surgery, which simply gives us the opportunity to smooth the bone tissue at the site of your lost tooth. The goal is to promote a wonderful fit for a prosthetic like a bridge.