Did you know that there are a whole lot of changes you can make with cosmetic care? When it comes to the particular improvements you are hoping to achieve, we always suggest you take some time to come in and speak with us. During a cosmetic consultation, we can learn from you what you would like to transform – and we can then explain the ways we can help you accomplish those dreams. For now, get to know a few changes you can make – you will see that cosmetic dentistry truly offers a wealth of advantages.

Change #1: Fix Little (Unsightly) Issues

Some patients become unhappy with their smiles as the result of a small problem – or multiple small problems. Unfortunately, we sometimes find that patients feel too uncertain about whether we will spend the time to focus on little tiny imperfections. Of course we will! We are always happy to address esthetic eyesores, whether they’re quite obvious – or tiny chips or cracks.

Change #2: Achieve A Megawatt Smile

One of the most well-known and desired cosmetic care improvements is a whiter smile. Fortunately, you have many potential pathways to take that will guide you toward a beautiful, megawatt grin. Whether you select teeth whitening, veneers, or rely on bonding for small stains, you can expect a dramatic change.

Change #3: Improve Just About Everything

You have some options if you want to rely on cosmetic care to make multiple changes. Whatever your combination of concerns (perhaps discoloration and chips, misalignment and isolated stains, or tooth length and gaps) we can help. You may choose a care plan that includes a combination of treatments or we may treat your smile with porcelain veneers.