You might find yourself extremely tempted to treat your own smile when you think it’s about time to brighten things up. However, we strongly suggest you schedule time to visit us for professional teeth whitening. In addition to ensuring you receive the results you want, we can also help protect your teeth from some of the concerns you may be thinking about at the moment. Consider some myths – and associated facts – so we can clear up any concerns you may be having about receiving professional cosmetic care.

Myths Versus Facts: Teeth Whitening

Myth: If you want a whiter smile, it’s just as effective to choose over-the-counter (OTC) whitening from the store.

Fact: It’s actually a bad plan to chose OTC whitening products. The problem lies in the fact that the whitening products from the stores are formulated to address extremely minor discoloration. The weak, diluted product will offer a barely noticeable difference in the shade of your smile. OTC products may also injure your teeth, often through dehydration.

Myth: If you have sensitive teeth, you have no option for improving the whiteness of your smile without veneers or bonding because whitening will result in discomfort.

Fact: Again, this is a very good reason to choose professional teeth whitening. We will provide you with a formula that has been carefully chosen to brighten your smile without causing damage or prolonged sensitivity.

Myth: It’s extremely difficult to achieve consistent results with teeth whitening, so veneers are often a better choice.

Fact: We send our patients home with custom-crafted whitening trays. As a result, you can expect trays that fit the shape of your smile, resulting in a uniformly whitened smile.