Do you know if you’re doing all you need to do to care for your porcelain veneers? Or, are you ignoring any signs that you may be on the road toward damaging your newly beautiful smile? The great news is that you won’t need to worry about becoming too cautious when you receive veneers. Taking a few thoughtful yet extremely easy steps toward keeping your beautifully transformed grin intact and looking incredible is simple. Just follow a few important guidelines.

Treat Existing Functional Problems

Are you suffering from a case of bruxism but you haven’t done anything to address the problem? Perhaps you are dealing with TMJ disorder and you think it has something to do with clenching your teeth. In any case, if you are grinding your teeth or clenching them together, your porcelain veneers will potentially end up eroded, cracked, or broken. Seek treatment for your functional disorder to keep your smile safe.

No More Snacking On Ice

Do you love filling up a cup of ice and snacking on it throughout the day? While it’s certainly a waistline-friendly snack, it’s not beneficial in any way to your porcelain veneers or your natural teeth. The same is true for any hard or sticky snack that can potentially chip, scrape, crack, or become stuck to your teeth or dental work. Look for other options that you enjoy just as much.

Are You Keeping Your Smile Clean?

This is just as simple as ever. Cleaning your smile will still include daily brushing (twice a day), daily flossing (once a day), and taking the time to see us two times a year for preventive dental care. As a result, we can assist you in avoiding oral health problems, damage, and staining.