You know that we offer cosmetic dentistry to address just about any esthetic concern under the sun. In fact, you may have set your sights on choosing dental bonding to improve the way your smile appears because you are certain you need a bit more tissue. While this preliminary information can help you narrow down your choice, you may find that the long list of benefits continues to elude you. Allow us to explain the major advantages, so you gain a fuller scope and appreciation of whether bonding is best for your current smile goals.

Bonding Fills Spaces

We often rely on dental bonding to fill an unsightly space between your teeth. We will simply use the composite to make it look like your neighboring teeth come into contact one another. Of course, the shade of the material will match your teeth, so the finish is natural.

Bonding Extends Teeth

We often rely on dental bonding for a tooth that is shorter than the others nearby. This can cause your smile to appear asymmetrical. Fortunately, we will build up composite to make it look as though your tooth is actually the correct length, thereby improving the symmetry and uniform appearance of your smile.

Bonding Covers Concerns

If you are struggling with little eyesores like a stain here – or a slim, esthetic crack there – we may offer bonding. Rather than sculpting a 3D shape with the composite, we will create a flat layer to camouflage the existing concern.

Bonding Fixes Chips

Dealing with some upset over a chipped tooth? We can fill in the area, so your tooth looks whole again, with a quick and convenient dental bonding visit.