You know that when you choose cosmetic contouring to achieve a more attractive smile, you are agreeing to a procedure that will gently smooth and reshape your teeth. As a result, you can expect your smile to attain a uniform, even appearance. What you might not know so much about, however, is what to expect during the treatment itself. For a moment, we will shift gears away from the outcome of contouring and instead offer a bit of insight regarding the experience itself.

The Length Of Treatment

When patients visit us for cosmetic contouring, the usual requirement is a single appointment at our practice. Contouring has a reputation for its convenience not only because it tends to take just one visit – but also because that appointment generally requires a maximum of one hour until your smile is ready.

How Treatment Feels

You will be able to feel cosmetic contouring but you do not need to worry about discomfort. The polishing away of minor amounts of tissue is a very gentle procedure that typically does not warrant the use of local anesthetic. We will monitor your comfort while we recontour your teeth, so you can expect a tranquil visit.

How Contouring Affects Your Wallet

When you are seeking out a cosmetic treatment to improve your smile, rest assured that cosmetic contouring is one of the most budget-friendly services you will find. Neck-and-neck only with dental bonding (which creates the illusion of additional tissue), you can expect noticeable changes without feeling a big financial impact.