In many areas of life, procrastination is something that might cause you some significant stress as you rush to meet a deadline – but as long as you accomplish the task, you will not be met with any serious consequences. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for taking your time scheduling your restorative care visits. When it comes to keeping your smile healthy, time is almost always of the utmost importance.

Reason #1: Your Smile Isn’t Going To Heal

Your smile is composed of many living tissues that cannot regenerate after significant injury. Once damage occurs, your tissues continue to become more and more damaged the longer they remain in need of repair. For instance, a broken tooth may break more, making it increasingly difficult for us to treat your tooth. Or, an infection may brew and progress.

Reason #2: You Can Literally Wait Too Long

At a certain point, the problem you are experiencing may actually surpass our abilities to help improve your smile with restorative care. At this point, you may find yourself in need of a dental extraction, endodontic care, or other areas of specialization. In general, serious procrastination may lead to tooth loss and the need for costly tooth replacement.

Reason #3: Widespread Damage

The longer you wait to schedule restorative care, the more vulnerable your surrounding tissues become to damage. Here’s what may happen: If your tooth has a cavity, the decay will grow until the interior part of your tooth is exposed to potential bacteria – this may lead to infection. If your tooth is infected, the infection may spread (in some instances, all the way into your bloodstream). Avoid all manner of complicated side effects by restoring your oral health immediately.