Are you trying to figure out what to make of your upcoming filling? You know that you require a restorative treatment because you have a cavity in your tooth. However, you may find yourself wondering if this is the same as any other type of dental filling. Fortunately, this restoration is different from those of the past (namely metal fillings). As a result, we offer you a few benefits of tooth-colored fillings to take into consideration – they are sure to make you smile.

#1: They Restore Function

Like any other restoration, the goal of your tooth-colored filling is to restore function. Just like other fillings, they will allow us to remove the tissue decaying in your tooth, use material to fill the open area (in this case, we rely on composite – a synthetic acrylic resin), and then level it carefully, so your bite remains balanced.

#2: They Repair and Protect Tooth Beauty

Unlike using metal fillings, using tooth-colored fillings will both repair the way your tooth looks, while protecting its beauty. Here’s why: The composite material we use for your filling is a substance with a customizable color. As a result, we will ensure the color of your filling matches the natural shade of your tooth for a surprisingly discreet finish that lasts.

#3: Composite Lends Comfort

Did you know that metal is a wonderful conductor of thermal energy? This means that when the food or drink you consume is hot, metal becomes hot – when the food or drink is cold, metal becomes cold. This can lead to sensitivity if you receive a metal filling. Fortunately, we offer tooth-colored fillings that are free of metal. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the foods or drinks you eat when it comes to temperature – composite is a weak thermal conductor, so you can enjoy hot or cold foods without concern.