Do you know why you need a dental crown? Are you not in need of one just yet but you have long been a little fuzzy regarding the details? In some instances, we discover that patients who are completely fine with the idea of a filling feel resistant to crowns simply because they are unsure about why an individual might need one. Allow us to fill you in a bit regarding the purpose of this prosthetic, hollow tooth. As a result, you can begin feeling optimistic about being able to restore your oral health with a crown if the time comes you need one.

Reason #1: A Filling Will No Longer Suffice

One of the reasons we are so serious about scheduling restorative treatments like fillings with great urgency is the fact that an oral health problem typically worsens. As it worsens, the initial treatment suggestion may no longer offer sufficient care. If you suffer from tooth decay that is quite severe, a filling will no longer be able to repair the damage. Instead, we will clean up the decay and damage and then save your tooth by placing a dental crown.

Reason #2: You Broke Your Tooth

Did you break your tooth? Are you worried that you will have no solution but an extraction? Before you make any assumptions, recognize that unless you are missing most of your tooth tissue, chances are good that we can make repairs, so you can keep your tooth in your smile. Broken teeth usually require dental crown placement, which will fully restore the tooth’s structure and your ability to use it.

Reason #3: You Are Receiving Root Canal Treatment

When you receive a root canal, we remove the internal tissues to rescue your tooth. This may leave your tooth vulnerable to future invasion by bacteria – your tooth’s structure may also require some help. We typically place a crown to complete the restorative procedure.