Are you curious about what to make of bone grafting? Have you been considering dental implants for your smile but you have been alerted that you may require grafting before you are eligible to receive implants? Don’t worry – feeling uncertain or hesitant about this oral surgery treatment is easy to overcome as you become familiar with the details. Rest assured, we will provide you with a complete explanation of what to expect during your next visit.

Why Do I Need Jawbone Grafting?

You may require grafting because your jaw has deteriorated. This means that you have lost some of your jaw tissue. In most instances, this is the result of problems like severe gum disease. Or, tooth loss in general will lead to loss of jaw tissue. Why? Without your roots, there is nothing stimulating your jawbone to remain healthy. Your body then re-absorbs the tissue and your jaw begins to shrink. If you want to receive dental implants, you will need a jaw that is strong and full enough for implant placement.

What Is Jawbone Grafting?

Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure during which we will rebuild your jaw tissue. In some instances, the replacement of missing tissue may even promote the regeneration of bone cells, so your jaw tissue grows back (in part) on its own.

Can I Receive Implants After Grafting?

Fortunately, bone grafting is typically a successful form of surgery that will restore the health and density of your jaw. After you have recovered, your ability to qualify for implants should greatly improve.