Are you thinking a lot about which tooth replacement solution is the best selection for your needs lately? If you have one spot – or several open spots – in your smile, you may be feeling a bit of pressure to make a choice and complete your grin for a long list of reasons. If you are feeling most drawn to the idea of choosing dental implants, we encourage you to become more familiar with their benefits (of which there are many). Then, simply schedule time for an implant consultation with us, so we can get the ball rolling.

You Can’t Find Better Stability

If you’re concerned first and foremost with the stability of the tooth replacement solution you select, we encourage you to move forward with your interest in dental implants. Because they receive their support from the solid anchoring within your jawbone, they offer stability you will not receive from a bridge or denture. As a result, eating and clear speaking return to the level you experienced with your natural teeth.

They May Last “Forever”

Allow us to clarify. Dental implants may remain in your jawbone without incident for the rest of your life. The posts fuse with your jaw tissue, which means your jawbone and implant essentially become one entity. Keep your oral health in good shape and you may enjoy those benefits for many years to come.

They Do What The Others Do, Too

In addition to the fact that you can enjoy benefits that you cannot achieve with other prosthetics (like traditionally supported bridges and dentures), you will also enjoy the advantages that those devices offer. For instance, all prosthetics including dental implants will prevent smile misalignment and will restore the beauty of your grin.