We find that patients often come to us for problems with their teeth, though they feel worried we may find nothing is really wrong. Here’s what you need to remember: If you think you need a dental filling or you assume something is wrong with your tooth, it is always best to schedule time to sit down with us. It’s impossible for you to diagnose your problem on your own at home. However, heeding warning signs that crop up is a very good decision. At the very least, we send you home with a clean bill of dental health. Or, we detect an issue and treat it before it worsens. As for decay, allow us to offer some helpful advice.

When We Decide A Filling Is The Right Choice

A dental filling is a restorative treatment that we may suggest when you are dealing with tooth decay. However, just because tooth decay – or a cavity – is present does not mean a filling is the best solution. We will choose a filling for your tooth if the decay has just begun and up until the point it has either caused too much damage to your tooth (in which case you will need a crown) or an infection has occurred (which will require root canal therapy). To find out how we can restore your oral health, schedule a checkup with us.

Schedule Your Filling Right Away

Are you curious about how long you can wait before the filling will no longer suffice? Rather than take a gamble with your oral health, we suggest you schedule your dental filling as soon as possible once we make the diagnosis. You will retain the greatest amount of your natural tooth tissue as a result, may avoid additional discomfort, and a filling is less costly than crowns or root canals. Act quickly and your smile will feel good as new in no time.