Are you wondering what to do about your smile because it doesn’t look as straight or uniform as you would like? Do you feel unsure about whether you will need to seek the care of an orthodontist for some form of braces or if there’s something we can do to help? In some instances, we suggest cosmetic treatment for minor misalignment. Curious about whether you may qualify for this option? Take a few moments to receive the clarification you have been seeking.

When It’s Not Significant

If your top and bottom teeth do not fit together comfortably when at rest, when chewing, or otherwise, you are dealing with significant misalignment. Your teeth need orthodontic treatment that will shift them into proper alignment, so you can enjoy a straight smile, while avoiding problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder. For serious issues, we will not suggest cosmetic treatment.

When You Have Mild Spacing

If you are dealing with mild spacing between your teeth that does not impact your overall bite, we may suggest cosmetic treatment. For spaces between teeth, we can fill the opening with dental bonding, so teeth “touch” one another. Or, we may suggest porcelain veneers to fill multiple spaces, so your smile looks consistent.

When You Deal With Minor Rotation

Are you struggling with the minor rotation of a tooth? Perhaps one tooth gently rests in front of the other. Again, if it’s a minor concern, we may suggest dental contouring to remove a bit of tissue for a more pleasing visual effect. Or, we may again suggest the cosmetic treatment porcelain veneers for comprehensive improvement.