Do you do your best to pretend nothing is wrong when you experience a toothache? Is it because you are afraid something actually is wrong? Maybe you’re dealing with some dental anxiety, so you don’t want to schedule a visit. Perhaps you feel like you are overreacting and don’t want to embarrass yourself by giving us a call. Do yourself a favor and take this advice seriously: If your tooth hurts, it is always always a good idea to see us. Consider a few reasons you should not ignore a toothache (but should instead come in for a visit to protect your oral health).

#1: You Might Be Just Fine

There’s a chance that your toothache is not a symptom of anything serious at all. Maybe you got some food stuck between your teeth and it led to irritation. Maybe you forgot that you accidentally bumped your tooth on your water glass, so you ended up with some discomfort. However, because you cannot figure this out on your own, it’s a good idea to give us a call just in case.

#2: You Might Have A Serious Problem

Then again, a toothache may signify a problem with your oral health. It can be anything from a cavity that needs a filling to an infection that requires a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, if you assume nothing is wrong and avoid scheduling a checkup with us, these issues can progress and leave you in serious need of dental help. It is best to avoid extensive work or tooth loss and instead allow us to find and treat the issue.

#3: No Matter What, We Will Help

Whatever we discover, we are happy to help. If nothing is wrong, we will send you home with the knowledge that your oral health is in good condition. Or, if we detect an issue, we will offer you restorative care right away, so you can say goodbye to that toothache for good.