Are you having a hard time figuring out whether what looks like a crack in your tooth is something that is seriously damaging to your oral health – or if it’s nothing to worry about at all? Of course, the best response we can give you is that you can find out once and for all by setting up an appointment to see us at our practice. However, to ease your mind in the meantime, we invite you to learn more about different types of cracks that may affect your teeth.

Craze Lines

If you are seeing faint lines in your teeth but you don’t notice any tissue separation at all, you might be seeing something called a “craze line.” The good news is that these are not dangerous for your oral health. The even better news? We can help you improve the appearance of these “cracks” with cosmetic care if their appearance bothers you. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about them.

Bruxism Damage

Are you suffering from the oral health disorder known as bruxism? If so, you clench or grind your teeth as an involuntary habit. Fortunately, we can offer you comfortable treatment to prevent the damage associated with bruxism (as well as the discomfort). As you may have noticed, bruxism can lead to fractured teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, and even tooth loss.

Traumatic Injuries

Have you just bitten into something hard and cracked your tooth? Maybe your smile made intense contact with another object (a baseball, for instance) and now your tooth has a crack in it. This type of damage can lead to significant oral health problems if you ignore it. Fortunately, we can generally save the tooth and prevent infection with restorative care.