Summer is a wonderful time to spend with loved ones, and to enjoy a bit more time in the great outdoors. From swimming to hiking, water skiing to biking, chances are you will spend a great deal of time trying to (safely) soak up the sunshine. Unfortunately while many people enjoy their time outdoors, they resort to sweet treats to help beat the heat, which can take a toll on their smiles. Remember, sugar is responsible for causing most cavities and contributing to the development of gum disease as well. So if you want to make sure your smile stays healthy, all summer and beyond, consider these more smile-friendly and dentist-approved alternatives to traditional summertime treats!

Healthier Ideas for Summer Treats, Perfect for Beating the Heat

  • Are milkshakes your favorite summertime treat? If so you might be frightened to learn just how many calories, and how much added sugar, can be contained in a single serving. Fortunately, you can create a delicious and much healthier alternative, in the comfort of your own home, by mixing milk with frozen fruit. There are countless flavor options, and you’re not limited to traditional milk, either. Almond and coconut milk are safe for kids with milk allergies, and can even add extra flavor. Add-ins like peanut butter can also help create unique combos!
  • Sugar isn’t the only dangerous part of many summertime treats. If you, or your kids, love popsicles and other frozen treats, be careful when chewing on them. Ice-cold items, including ice, can be dangerous for the teeth, because it is possible to chip or crack a tooth on them. (Damaged teeth may require restorative dentistry, like a dental crown, to protect them.) Icy items can also cause heightened tooth sensitivity, which can be uncomfortable for many people, so consider choosing cold but not frozen items instead.