Are you worried that you might be struggling with a dental cavity? Many patients experience warning signs, when they are struggling with dental cavities, symptoms that can help them discover the presence of a problem before it has had a chance to progress to the point of requiring extensive restorative treatment. It certainly helps, though, if a person knows what the common indicators of cavities are, especially in their earliest stages, so that he or she can pay attention and seek restorative dental treatment promptly, at the first sign of trouble. If you want to preserve your teeth, and your healthy smile, it is important to seek dental treatment regularly, both for preventive care and especially if you suspect you could have a problem like a cavity.

Have You Experienced Heightened Sensitivity, Lately?

One common warning sign of dental decay is heightened sensitivity, which can be particularly noticeable when trying to enjoy hot beverages or foods, like coffee or soup, ice cold treats, and those high in sugar content (since the bacteria responsible for cavities feed on sugars).

Another symptom of a cavity, though, is noticeable discoloration, such as white patches or grey or black lines. Both can indicate that the enamel has already been eroded away, leaving the more sensitive layer beneath it exposed.

A Filling Can Help You Smile Comfortably and Confidently Again

If you are diagnosed with a dental cavity, the dentist will likely recommend treating the tooth with a dental filling. This helps to create a seal around the tooth that can prevent further erosion, the development of infection, and can also improve a patient’s comfort, since the interior of the tooth will no longer be exposed to foods, drinks, or bacteria.