Are you suffering from dental discomfort when you try to enjoy your favorite Christmastime snacks? Is even the best of spiced ciders causing you to wince in pain, or are you shying away from your favorite Christmas cookies for fear of sensitivity? Are you embarrassed to pose for photos at your company party, because of a visible chip or crack in one of your teeth? These are all signs that your smile could use restorative dentistry to look, function, and feel its best. Fortunately, modern restorations can be made to look and feel natural, so you can enjoy showing off your smile!

How Do You Know You Need Restoration?

If you are experiencing heightened sensitivity or discomfort when chewing or drinking, these could be early warning signs of dental decay. Acidic erosion is common. Fortunately, it can often be addressed with minimally invasive dental fillings. Modern fillings can even be made from a tooth-colored composite resin material, which bonds tightly with teeth, creating a great barrier against bacteria. It also looks natural, allowing for confidence when smiling.

In more severe cases of decay or other damage, like chips and cracks, dental crowns are often recommended as restorative treatment. That is because they are durable and strong, but also cosmetically pleasing. In fact, with proper preventive care crowns can provide effective and beautiful restorations for up to a decade.

Any restorative treatment can help to improve a patient’s comfort, and reduce sensitivity, by sealing damaged teeth against further exposure to food, drinks, and bacteria.