When was the last time your husband went to the dentist? It’s a known fact that men visit the dentist only half as often as women. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, 45 percent of men don’t think seeing the dentist is important. Another 30 percent skipped their dental visits because of dental anxiety. The fact is, seeing the dentist is not only important to your oral health, it is important to your overall health.  If, you want to give your husband a special gift this year, give him the gift of health by encouraging him to see his dentist regularly.

Women vs Men

Research shows that women are more proactive in maintaining their teeth and gums than men. The recent study showed that women:

  • Were nearly twice as likely to have attended their regular dental checkups within the past year
  • Scheduled the recommended follow-up treatments
  • Had better indicators of periodontal health
  • Had less dental plaque, calculus, and bleeding on probing of the gums than men
  • Had a more positive attitude about visiting the dentist
  • Had a better understanding about what good oral health requires

More Facts

Here are some more facts that we know. More men than women present with periodontal disease. Over 56 percent of men have periodontal disease, and just over 38 percent of women. We know that gum disease has been linked to heart disease. Seventy percent of heart patients also have periodontal disease. We also know that the same bacterial plaque that clogs your arteries is the same plaque that is found on your teeth. We also know that that same plaque has been found in the brain of Alzheimer patients, so it is not affecting just your heart it is affecting your whole body.

By sharing these facts with your husband, you can not only save his oral health, you may even save his life!