Do you want to smile confidently knowing that people are looking at your beautiful smile, not your noticeable metal restoration? Do you want to enjoy meals without pesky sensitivity caused by a metal filling or a metal dental crown? If so, have you talked to your dentist about how a modern restoration could help? From tooth-colored fillings to porcelain crowns, your smile could likely be restored comfortably and confidently with a modern restoration!

Modern Restorations Can Provide Increased Comfort

For many years, metal was commonly used to create dental restorations. Unfortunately, this posed a number of potential problems. For instance, patients with metal allergies were unable to receive these restorations. Even patients without metal allergies were likely to struggle with sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods, because of metal’s high conductivity level. Plus, metal restorations were easily spotted, creating cosmetic insecurity for many patients.

Enjoy Natural-looking Results, Too

Modern restorations help to address all the common issues associated with metal fillings and crowns. They conduct less heat and are more natural-looking. In the case of a cavity, a composite resin filling bonds well with the damaged tooth, helping to prevent further erosion and infection. Plus, it looks natural. For chips and cracks, porcelain crowns are often recommended, as they offer long-lasting and stain-resistant protection. To determine which one of these restorations will work best for you, a consultation should be scheduled. During an exam, the dentist can use x-rays to determine the extent of your tooth’s damage, and then recommend a restorative option accordingly.

Want to Update Your Old Restoration?

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