You might have some ideas about wisdom teeth removal that don’t necessarily match up with the personal experience you have had thus far. Perhaps you don’t seem to be having any type of problem with your smile but you’re well into your 20s, 30s, or beyond (and you’ve never had an extraction). Maybe you assume you just don’t have third molars (or you know they have grown in and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll be able to keep them). So, what’s what, you wonder? We can help address your confusion with a few questions and answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: Doesn’t everyone need to have their wisdom teeth removed? I was under the impression that wisdom teeth removal is practically a rite of passage into adulthood.

Answer: The people who need to have their wisdom teeth removed are those whose teeth present a problem. They may be impacted, they may be developing in such a way that they’ll harm teeth in their path, or otherwise. However, people do not always have these problems and, as a result, do not always require removal.

Question: I have a friend who never developed wisdom teeth. Is it possible she is being honest? Is this normal?

Answer: It’s entirely possible and it’s not unusual for someone to not develop wisdom teeth. While you may find that the majority of people you speak with have required wisdom teeth removal, you may never develop them (and therefore will not require extractions).

Question: What if there’s nothing wrong with my wisdom teeth? Is it possible for them to just show up in a healthy manner like the rest of my teeth did?

Answer: Of course. If they’re healthy, there’s no need to remove them (provided you find they’re easy to care for).

See Us If You Have Questions About Wisdom Teeth

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