Your third molars: They comprise one of those topics that is extremely important for you to know about and that tends to cause many people a lot of confusion. When it comes to figuring out what you should do about your wisdom teeth, the good news is that it’s not very complicated. That is, once you have the information you need. If you were hoping we’d provide you with an introductory guide into how to prepare for the potential need for removal, then you are in luck. We’ve got all of the initial details you require for a successful experience.

Can I Have Them Removed If They’re Not High Risk?

If your wisdom teeth are not high risk, meaning they’re not impacted, they have erupted and are just fine, and we have not recommended removal, then yes, you may still have them removed. The reason this type of elective treatment usually comes about? If the teeth are safe but they seem like they may be too difficult for you to care for over time.

How Will I Know If Removal Is Necessary?

You will know if you come in for six-month preventive care visits. Every time we check your smile, we check the status of your wisdom teeth. If they require removal, we will let you know!

Is There A Good Time To Have Them Removed?

Yes! For kids, remember that the easiest time for wisdom teeth removal is during the summer (when classes are out) and during winter breaks (when classes are out). For adults, any time you have the chance to take a few days off from your usual responsibilities, such as work. The recovery period after extractions is usually about three days. 

Protect Your Smile With Essential Wisdom Teeth Removal

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