When you don’t know why you have a bumpy appearance to the chewing border of your incisors (but your friend does not), it can be a little concerning. When you know what’s going on, you no longer find yourself wasting time worrying over what we refer to as mamelons. Instead, you feel educated, you know why they are there, and you know what you can do if you’re none-too-thrilled with how they affect the visual appeal of your smile. So, how to gain all of this valuable information? We are happy to share it, of course!

What To Make Of Those Little Bumps

What are the bumps doing there, you wonder? Why do you have mamelons but other people do not? This is easy! First, you didn’t do anything to create these bumps. They’re there for all people when permanent teeth show up in the very beginning. Teeth grow into a single tooth from the melding of multiple rounded protrusions. Usually, the use of your smile will lead to erosion until the bumps are gone. Sometimes, though, depending on the alignment of top and bottom teeth, this just doesn’t happen.

How To Make Them Go Away

Cosmetic care provides you with a variety of ways to rid your smile of mamelons. Let us know if you’re interested!

Remember, They’re Perfectly Okay

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to do anything about the little bumps on your teeth. If you are fine with how they look but you were just checking in to ensure there’s no need to worry about them, then you can go about your daily life without wondering if your smile is okay or if something is wrong.

Say Goodbye To Mamelons With Our Care

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