You might think that the electric toothbrush benefits you keep hearing about are just a lot of hype. Like any product that seems advanced and flashy, you may assume that this, too, is something to be ignored. Certainly the traditional brush you have always used is good enough, right? Well, that depends. If you’re happy with it and you are not dealing with any concerns with your dental hygiene, then yes! Your brush is A-OK. However, if you’re not fully satisfied, then you may want to learn about the ways a powered brush may help your smile!

#1: It Helps You Perform Gentle Cleaning

You might think that an electric toothbrush might be much harder on your smile than a traditional brush. However, the opposite is true. Since you just move the brush along, while applying very gentle pressure, it’s actually easier to be gentler on your teeth and gums than with a manual brush. This is especially helpful for patients who cannot seem to practice more delicate care, even though they need to.

#2: It Gives Your Arm And Hand A Rest

Whether your arms and hands are tired, you deal with some limitations, or you’re just tired of the effort, an electric model will help tremendously!

#3: It Produces Lots And Lots Of Strokes

When we say that an electric toothbrush produces lots of strokes in comparison with what you can produce with your traditional brush, we mean you’ll be experiencing thousands per minute with the electric version. The non-powered option will produce only hundreds. This can be just fine! However, if you feel your teeth aren’t getting clean enough with your usual dental hygiene, then trying an electric model may be worth it.

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