What are you supposed to do when you’re planning on sitting next to your favorite aunt at your holiday celebration but you have a case of bad breath that could knock just about anyone over? You know it has something to do with your oral health (and hopefully you have scheduled a moment to sit down with us to find out what’s wrong). However, until you see our team for a clinical diagnosis and a professional treatment (or suggestion), you feel like you’re not sure how to proceed. Fortunately, with some helpful answers, you can have a nice sit down meal without offending anyone too seriously.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is there anything I can do to make my bad breath completely go away?

Answer: It’s possible that your breath is bad because you keep eating something that is strongly scented. Consider the foods you eat and cut that particular item or dish out. It is also possible that your smile is unclean. Brush and floss your smile. This may make quite an impact.

Question: What can I do to just make my breath bearable until I see you next?

Answer: Anything minty that assists in covering up bad breath will help, particularly in conjunction with excellent dental hygiene. Sugarless chewing gum and mouthwash meant to address bad breath will help get you through.

Question: I take very good care of my oral health but I’ve got the worst breath! What can I do until I see you?

Answer: If it’s not food or dental hygiene, ask yourself if your mouth feels dry or sticky. If so, you may have dry mouth. Drink more water. Do something about concerns that are drying out your mouth (like if you have allergies or a cold, treat them). See if any medicines you are taking are the culprit. Keeping your mouth comfortably moist can help significantly.

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