You may like the idea of porcelain veneers for your smile. While the details you know about them makes them seem very attractive to you, there may be some things you don’t know that are causing you to ask whether they are going to prove worthwhile. Maybe you should choose something else, you think to yourself. The exciting news is that you will likely be pleasantly surprised by how easily you can incorporate veneers into your life!

They Really Last

First, it’s important to recognize that if you choose porcelain veneers, they are worth it because they’re staying put for many years and giving you a lovely smile. Thanks to their impressive durability, the lovely smile you see when you first receive them will continue to look just as lovely for seven years (or much longer).

They’re Not Difficult To Maintain

Remember that when you choose porcelain veneers, your care that you usually practice isn’t going to become different. You’ll still need to brush and floss. You’ll still need to set up your visits for cleanings and checkups. Other than that, you’re just doing your usual daily thing when it comes to dental hygiene.

They Do (Just About) Everything

Porcelain veneers will let you make nearly any alteration to your smile that you want in the way of cosmetic improvements. So, veneers are certainly worthwhile if you need more than a simple chip fix or all-over whitening. Talk with us soon about the multiple ways we can make your smile look prettier.

Choose Veneers For Your Best Smile

Interested in veneers for your smile? Just let us know by setting up a consultation to learn more about cosmetic care for your grin. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalyan Nadella or Dr. Benjamin Walder, call Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today at (214) 827-8000. We also gladly serve patients in Mesquite, Oak Cliff, Garland, and all surrounding communities.