When our East Dallas, TX team informs someone like you, one of our lovely patients, that a dental crown is in order, we receive many different responses. One very common reaction? A shocked look and a burst of immediate questions. Of course, we understand if you aren’t sure what to expect, if you have lots of inquiries (how else will you learn about this restoration?), and if you really want some additional education before you feel comfortable. Whatever it is that you’re unsure about, please let us know! For now, we would love to help you better comprehend the material-based side of things, since this is one area that causes frequent uncertainty for patients from the get-go.

What To Do When You Need Super Support (But The Tooth Isn’t Visible)?

When you need a ton of support for your tooth (and it’s a tooth nobody can see because it’s in the very back of your smile) you have options. If you’re not worried about the way the crown looks because, hey, you will never see it anyway, then you may rely on the super strong support of metal. If you still want to know your tooth back there looks like a tooth, then you may wish to consider zirconia!

What To Do When You Want Amazing Support For Back Teeth (That Are Visible)?

So, you need a dental crown from us and you can see your back teeth when you speak or smile. In this case, you aren’t going to want metal. However, you will still need a crown that looks beautiful and offers exceptional support (those back teeth incur a lot of pressure as you speak, eat, and more). So, you may want to choose zirconia (which looks natural and is exceptionally strong) or PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal), which includes a metal base covered in beautiful porcelain.

What To Do For Front Teeth (Which Are Always Visible)?

Cosmetically speaking, when you’re addressing front teeth, you always want something that looks completely natural because you can always see these teeth! Fortunately, since these teeth aren’t load-bearing, you can rely on porcelain to offer beautiful, lasting results!

See Our Team For Your Crown Today!

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