How can a habit of grinding your teeth at night impact your smile and oral health? People who deal with bruxism can frequently clench or grind their teeth throughout the night, which can lead to problems with facial sensitivity and soreness, dental pain, and other forms of discomfort. As the problem continues to occur, the pressure on your teeth can start to cause wear and tear, with the potential to cause serious chips and cracks. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you address this issue so that you no longer have to worry about bruxism’s threat to your smile and oral health. We can provide you with a custom oral appliance that keeps your teeth apart while you sleep.

Here Is Why Untreated Bruxism Is Such A Threat To Your Smile

If you are not doing something about nightly teeth grinding, you can gradually wear down your teeth to the point where they may look dull, misshapen, or generally in poor health. While enamel is a remarkably strong substance, it can be difficult for teeth to maintain their appearance and shape when they frequently experience pressure from grinding and clenching at night. Unfortunately, the damage done to your teeth can be more than just cosmetic. You may need a dental crown placed on a tooth that has suffered chipping or cracking.

Protect Your Teeth With A Custom Appliance

If you want to keep your smile safe against the damage that bruxism can do, make an appointment to discuss the problem with your dentist. In order to protect your teeth from further trouble, we can design a custom appliance for you to wear whenever you sleep. When the appliance is in place, it keeps your teeth apart so that grinding and clenching cannot occur. As a result, you can avoid further trauma to your enamel. Your appliance can also help you reduce pressure on your jaw joints and muscles that can cause you to feel pain throughout the day.

Can I Do Anything About Dental Damage That Has Already Affected Me?

If the effects of bruxism are already visible, there are several approaches that your dentist can take in order to help you. With cosmetic dental work, we can carefully restore your appearance while minimizing the work on your tooth structure. This work can consist of teeth bonding and contouring, or we can discuss restoring teeth with dental veneers. These options can lead to your teeth looking healthier and more attractive. We can also work on making your smile brighter when performing cosmetic work.

Talk To Columbia Dental And Orthodontics About Treatment For Bruxism

At Columbia Dental And Orthodontics, individuals who struggle with bruxism can enjoy support from a custom oral appliance. If you are ready to find out more, schedule an appointment at Columbia Dental & Orthodontics in East Dallas, TX today by calling (214) 827-8000.