Have you spent an astronomical amount on Christmas gifts this year but you just realized you’re due for a dental exam? Has something come up with your smile and you’re worried that it simply can’t wait? Perhaps you have recognized that your dental insurance benefits will have expired by the time you can come in to see us. Whatever the case, rest assured: You deserve a gift this year, too, which we are prepared to provide for only $19.

The Gift Of A Healthy Smile

We encourage you to schedule a visit with us if you have been suffering from a toothache, if your gum tissue looks different, if you notice any type of abnormality, or if it has simply been longer than six months since your last preventive dental exam. We are offering an exam and X-rays for only $19 for patients who pay cash. Do yourself a favor and give us a call if you are interested in planning an appointment, so we can set up a time and date that work with your schedule.

What You Can Expect

If you choose to visit us for a preventive dental exam and checkup, you can expect a visit that will begin with a visual exam of your oral cavity. We will take a look with our eyes alone, seeking out signs of change. Then, we will take a very up-close look at what’s happening on a deeper level with the use of advanced imaging, including digital X-rays. We may then offer any diagnoses and treatment suggestions or send you home with a clean bill of oral health.