Do you have a variety of “why” questions about your oral health that you would like answered? Perhaps you feel strongly about ensuring your mouth remains in optimal condition but you’re a bit confused regarding why you need certain types of treatments, why we suggest consistent daily care, and more. Remember that the main goal is to keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar – and then free of disease and damage – so your smile remains healthy for a lifetime.

Why Should I Brush Twice A Day?

You should brush twice a day because it offers the bulk of your oral health protection (along with flossing and preventive visits). Brushing removes cavity- and gum-disease-causing plaque from your teeth and from beneath your gumline. We suggest twice a day removal, so that it does not have time to harden into tartar – this will reduce your chance of developing hygiene-related diseases.

Why Are Cleanings And Checkups So Important?

Even with the greatest dedication with your home hygiene, you will not have the capacity to prevent tartar from forming in small amounts. Unfortunately, this substance is irremovable with your brushing and flossing – you need a cleaning for truly clean teeth. A checkup, of course, permits us to guide your oral health and treat an issue right away rather that late in the game.

Why Do I Need A Restoration?

If you require restorative care it’s because something isn’t right with your smile. Rest assured, we always begin with the most conservative treatments possible. For instance, if you suffer from TMJ (jaw joint) problems, we begin by suggesting preventive treatment with the use of a mouth guard while you sleep, rather than immediately recommending jaw surgery. Common restorations like crowns, fillings, and root canal treatments stop a problem from progressing, so you can quickly recover your oral health.